Thanks, Stephen Elliott

For those of you who haven’t read Stephen Elliott (http://stephenelliott.com/), he’s a hell of a writer. His last book, THE ADDERALL DIARIES was/is one of the best I’ve read in the last few years. He takes what’s becoming an increasingly formulaic genre (the memoir) and makes it new. Truly, a great book. Several of his other books are very strong, as well–my favorites are HAPPY BABY and MY GIRLFRIEND COMES TO THE CITY AND BEATS ME UP.

Anyway, there’s a fine interview with Stephen up at the new blog, Mourning Goats–this is their first interview, an it’s a good one. I look forward to more of this interesting blog of interviews with writers. And, while it’s a fine interview all on its own, it became one of my favorites when Stephen Elliott mentions me in this lovely line:

“Some writers that I think should receive more attention include Rob Roberge, Corrina Bain, Michelle Tea, and Bucky Sinister…”

Very cool to see–and some very cool company to be in (if you haven’t read Michelle Tea’s VALENCIA, you’re missing out). Read the whole interview here:



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