New Mailer for the Book!

Until I figure out how to cut and paste it, here is the new mailer for the new book of stories, WORKING BACKWARDS FROM THE WORST MOMENT OF MY LIFE–coming OCT 1st from Red Hen. Feel free to print it out, pre-order copies and/on, pass it around. Thanks!


Working Backwards (Mailer)

Here are some of the blurbs:

“These fiercely original small works explore the roughest off-road trail of men’s lives, a place where the road to redemption has long ago been left behind, and all that’s left is grief and violent action. Bathed in a prose of sensual texture–the taste of barbed wire, the roar of rusted engines, the scent of blood and dust and madness–Roberge’s collection blooms in the mind long after the last page has been turned.” Janet Fitch, author of White Oleander and Paint it Black.

“Rob Roberge is a modern master of the down-and-out-that-just-got-worse. His stories are dark and thrilling. They take hold of the reader like some bad, bracing dope and don’t let go until you feel the full measure of your own humanity. Prose this carefully wrought and true puts him in the tradition of Bukowski, Hammett, and Denis Johnson.”  Steve Almond, author of My Life in Heavy Metal, Candyfreak, The Evil BB Chow and Not that You Asked: Essays.

“Subtly, deftly, Rob Roberge elevates the ordinary to the extraordinary.  His surprising, often darkly humorous stories take the reader to places rarely visited by even our boldest writers.  The prose is clean and tough and powerful, marking Roberge as a truly fine and formidable talent.”  James Brown, author of This River and The Los Angeles Diaries

“These stories make me want to climb right up inside of Rob Roberge’s head and ride around looking out at his weird, dark world.  His broken people are riveting and strange but deeply familiar. Beautiful and funny and heartbreaking in one breath — everyone should read this book.”  Katie Arnoldi, author of Chemical Pink and The Wentworths

“The characters populating Working Backwards from the Worst Moment of My Life exist on a perpetual edge: of transgression, addiction, no-win decisions, desire, the law, and sometimes survival itself.  Rob Roberge possesses an unflinching eye, rendering perfectly the intensity, hilarity and numbness of small moments that often double as last chances.  This is a rollicking read, so fast and enjoyable that by the time the punch of sadness hits you, you’re too far gone to go anywhere other than where Roberge leads.” Gina Frangello, author of My Sister’s Continent and Slut Lullabies

“WORKING BACKWARDS FROM THE WORST MOMENT OF MY LIFE confirms what everyone should already know: Rob Roberge is one the finest short story writers working today. His vision of life is something like Denis Johnson’s, with Neil Young and Crazyhorse as the soundtrack, provided both dipped their toes into the surreal every now and then just to get some relief from the pressures of the world. A nuanced, violent and, ultimately, deeply felt collection of stories.”  TOD GOLDBERG, author of Living Dead Girl and Simplify.

“Having moved to the East Coast 15 years ago, I don’t spend nearly as much time in Southern California anymore.  But the words of Rob Roberge bring it all back to life for me-the sounds, the sights, the smells and the tastes.  And it’s not always a pretty ride.  I like that Rob never takes the easy way out.  Real bad things happen to real likeable people and while I would never wish that on anyone I know it sure makes for a good read.”  Steve Wynn, of The Dream Syndicate, Gutterball, and Steve Wynn & the Miracle Three.


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